Torveig Balstad

Stilling:    Overingeniør

 Telefon: 917 35 043
 Arbeidssted:  Trondheim

Populasjonsgenetikk, molekylærgenetiske metoder, enzymer, DNA.

Experienced in biological and biomedical analysis, molecular genetic methods and general laboratory work Trained in: Planning experiments, handling large numbers of samples and general maintenance and running of a laboratory. Use of protein (enzyme) electrophoresis method ( on fresh and frosen tissue from fish, birds, butterflies and plants ), radio immuno assay analysis, electronmicroscopy and various biomedical analysis techniques. Isolation of DNA from fresh, frozen and archived material such as tissue, hair and excrement from wolverine and wolf, tissue and scales from fish and tissue (abdomen or thorax) from butterflies. PCR (polymerase chain reaction), mtDNA-sequencing, restriction enzyme analysis and microsatellite analysis. Familiar with coulter counter, autoanalyzers, flame photometer and flow cytometry.