John Durrus Linnell

Stilling:    Seniorforsker

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 Arbeidssted: Terrestrial biodiversity


Effekter av naturinngrep, atferdsøkologi, hjortedyr, rådyr, store rovdyr, gaupe. Telemetri, fjellrev.


Ecology, behaviour, population dynamics and conservation of carnivores and wild ungulates. Conservation of species that cause conflicts with humans. Ecology - social science interdisciplinarity.


1994: PhD in Zoology, National University of Ireland, University College, Cork. 1989: BSc in Zoology, National University of Ireland, University College, Cork.


1998-present: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) Project experience: 2005-2007: Large carnivores and human communities. An ecosystem orientated umbrella project for the Scandinavian bear, wolf and lynx projects together with social science components. 2003-2005: Large carnivores in northern landscapes: an interdisciplinary approach to their regional conservation. The project combines ecology and human-dimensions research components in the 3 Baltic States and Poland. Involves a total of 9 regional partners. 2002-2003: Scenarios for large carnivore management in Norway. Use of GIS and monitoring data to identify potential habitats for large carnivores in Scandinavia, and analyse geographic variation in conflict potential. 2001-2005: Predation in a landscape context. An umbrella project that conceptually unites the activities that NINA has on lynx, roe deer, wolf and moose. 2000-2003: Large carnivores and ungulates in space and time: biological and administrative perspectives on defining the spatial scale for management of interacting natural resources. Examines aspects of spatial scale relevant for management of ungulates and large. 1996-2004: Social organisation, dispersal, reproduction and predation behaviour of lynx in southern Norway, A part of the 2000-2004: Carnivores and society (Rovvilt og samfunn ROSA) project.

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India, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greenland