David Barton

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Økosystemregnskap, økonomisk verdsetting av økosystemtjenester, miljørisiko-analyse, beslutningsstøtte, integrert økologisk-økonomisk modellering, blågrønn faktor(BGF), verdsetting av bytrær (VAT03)


Barton has conducted a number of projects related to economic valuation methods and economic analysis of multiple use conflict in wetlands, watershed and coastal resources; including cost-benefit analysis of environmental objectives in several river basins subject to the EU Water Framework Directive (Norway) cost-effectiveness analysis of groundwater protection (Norway); non-market valuation and benefit-cost analysis of clean-up measures for contaminated marine sediments (Norway);economic evaluation of pollution abatement and flood mitigation measures in watershed management (Norway); valuation of water quality (Norway), economic evaluation of upland small-holder soil conservation practices in watershed management (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador); feasibility studies of flood mitigation (Nicaragua), economic evaluation of conservation areas (Costa Rica); economic valuation of water and sanitation projects in coastal zones (Costa Rica); natural resource damage valuation of oil spills in coastal zones (Sri Lanka); cost-effectiveness and multiple criteria analysis of lake restoration measures (Inner Mongolia, China); economic impact analysis of toxic algal blooms (Uganda); feasibility of payments for watershed environmental services (Karnataka,India) and of weather indexed crop insurance (Andrah Pradesh, India), feasibility of agroforestry systems in semi-arid ecoregions (Mali, Senegal, Nicaragua); the role of economic instruments in policy mixes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provision in forests (EU, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia); the Norwegian Research Council financed PESILA-REDD project on the evaluation of payments for ecosystem services in the context of REDD+(Costa Rica, Colombia); economic valuation of urban ecosystem services(EU, Norway).


David N. Barton holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH), an M.Sc. in Ecological Economics from the National University of Costa Rica (UNA), and an M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH).

  • Feb 2008 - :Environmental and Resource Economist, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)
  • Feb 2003 - Jan 2008: Environmental and Resource Economist, Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)
  • Jan 2000 - Jan 2003: Environmental and Resource Economist, Department for Environment and Resources, InterConsult ASA and Interconsult International AS
  • Nov 1998 - Jan 1999: Secretary for Expert Panel on the Role of Research in Sustainable Development, Norwegian Research Council
  • June - July 1998: Intern. Environmental Economics and Sustainable Indicators Unit, World Bank, Washington D.C.
  • Nov 1995 - Jun 1996: Environmental Planning Liaison in Costa Rica, Norconsult International A.S. Environmental Impact Assessment of Pacuare Hydropower Project
  • Sep 1995 - Mar 1996: Researcher and lecturer, International Centre for Political Economics,Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (CINPE-UNA). UNEP Project on Economic Valuation of Natural Resources in Latin America. Lectured M.Sc. course on EIA and CBA.
  • May 1993 - Aug. 1995: Project officer and Researcher, Centre for Studies of Environment and Resources (SMR), University of Bergen. Coordinator of research programme on integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) in Costa Rica. Economic valuation of tropical coastal resources. Field research on mangrove valuation and management in Costa Rica.
  • July - Aug. 1993: Intern, Environmentally Sustainable Development Division, Africa Technical Department, World Bank, Washington D.C.
  • April - July 1992: Intern, Electricité de France (EDF), Paris. Research on climate change policy.

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SOFTWARE KNOW-HOW: @RISK Monte Carlo analysis in Excel ( Hugin Expert Bayesian belief networks for decision analysis ( Expert Choice Multiple criteria analysis ( MindManager Project planning and management ( STATA Statistics and econometrics ( ArcGIS Geographical information system ( (basic knowledge)


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