Jonas Kindberg

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Frode Holmstrøm

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Jiska Joanneke Van Dijk

  • Completed Teachers training (pedagogic & didactic) - Environmental Education: June 2015
  • Working in the field of Human behaviour and sustainability
  • Working in the field of Ecosystem Services and valuation
  • Participatory prosesses
  • Otter expert - Norwegian representative IUCN-Otters SSG
  • Over 10 years of experience in wolverine, high alpine ecology, otter & mink: extensive field work and working in remote areas, data analyses and writing scientific papers, as well as dissemination of salient results.
  • Over 10 years of experience in bear biology, species and nature conservation: coordination of scientific research and international projects, dissemination and encouragement of conservation-related topics.
  • Experience in project coordination, teamwork and supervising students.
  • Knowledge of Geographical Information Systems, image and web-site editors, and multi-software packages.
  • Experience in communicating research results to interested parties (science-policy meetings, seminars, workshops, and writing information letters).

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Morten Kjørstad

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Bjørnar Ytrehus

autorisert veterinær, dr.med.vet., European Veterinary Specialist Zoological Medicine (Wildlife Population Health)

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