Arne Follestad

Population ecology, behavioural ecology, monitoring (time-series), coastal ecology. Geese, seabirds. Environmental impact analysis. During recent years, major assignments have included ecological studies on population dyna-mics and management actions (hunting regimes, agricultural conflicts between farmers and geese) related to the Greylag Geese and other geese, and environmental effects of large wind-mill farms planned along the Norwegian coast. Major experience also covers seabird studies connected to their breeding biology, mapping of seabird distribution inshore and at open sea, by-catch of seabirds in fish nets, consumption of discards from fisheries (EU-project), environ-mental impact analysis of offshore petroleum activities, and oil spill contingency planning.
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Ingunn Tombre

Gjess, adferds- og populasjonsøkologi, reproduksjonsløkologi, landbrukskonflikter, gåsejakt, effekter av beiting på innmark, bestandsovervåking, adaptive medforvaltningsprosesser, forvaltningsplaner, effekter av klimaendringer, tundraøkologi
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