Ingunn Tombre

Gjess, adferds- og populasjonsøkologi, reproduksjonsløkologi, landbrukskonflikter, gåsejakt, effekter av beiting på innmark, bestandsovervåking, adaptive medforvaltningsprosesser, forvaltningsplaner, effekter av klimaendringer, tundraøkologi
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Arne Follestad

Population ecology, behavioural ecology, monitoring (time-series), coastal ecology. Geese, seabirds. Environmental impact analysis. During recent years, major assignments have included ecological studies on population dyna-mics and management actions (hunting regimes, agricultural conflicts between farmers and geese) related to the Greylag Geese and other geese, and environmental effects of large wind-mill farms planned along the Norwegian coast. Major experience also covers seabird studies connected to their breeding biology, mapping of seabird distribution inshore and at open sea, by-catch of seabirds in fish nets, consumption of discards from fisheries (EU-project), environ-mental impact analysis of offshore petroleum activities, and oil spill contingency planning.
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Erling Johan Solberg

Major research experience includes: Research in population ecology of cervids (moose, roe deer, red deer and reindeer), particularly related to management topics. Research in population dynamics of fragmented populations of house sparrows, in relation to current conservation biological problems.
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Audun Stien

Ecologist interested in understanding the effect of climate and intra- and intersprcific interactions on demographic processes, population dynamics and biodiversity in natural systems. Numerate, with a strong background in the application of modern statistical methods in the analysis of complex data. Expertise in the use of statistical methods in combination with deterministic and stochastic mathematical models to understand ecological phenomena. Experienced with the planning and successful accomplishment of ecological research in arctic ecosystem.
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Torkild Tveraa

Populasjonsøkologi, demografi og livshistoriestrategi. Har hatt særlig fokus på koblingen mellom næringstilgang, klima og rovdyrtap hos rein.
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