Bengt Finstad

Ecophysiology, aquaculture, smoltproduction/releases of fish, pollution and other human impacts, salmonids in sea, fish diseases-parasites, biotelemetry.

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Finn Økland

Co-ordinator (1992-2002) of aquatic biotelemetry projects at NINA. Extensive experience from international projects in 21 different countries. Planning, designing, leading and carrying out fish research projects in freshwater and marine ecosystems. Developed surgical techniques for internal attachment of pit tags, radio tags and acoustic tags and successfully tagged 50 different species in more than 145 different projects. Participated in development of advanced surgical procedures to monitor physiological activity based on electromyograms (EMG) from swimming muscle, and used the same technique to monitor heart rate in Atlantic salmon in Canada. Together with the industry, improved the design of radio transmitters for external attachment, developed and tested out a small acoustic smolt tag and a small acoustic depth tag. Broad experience with different telemetry methods: Radio telemetry, acoustic telemetry, physiological telemetry (EMG), coded transmitters, activity transmitters, conventional transmitters, manual tracking, one-antenna and multiple antenna data logging systems, different tagging methods.
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Ola Ugedal

Aquatic radioecology, population ecology, life history, ecological modelling, fisheries management.
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Knut Aanestad Bergesen

Vært ansatt ved NINA Forskningsstasjon, Ims, siden 1995. Kompetanse innen: fiskeregisteringer, artsbestemmelse av fisk, kjønnsbestemmelse av fisk, settefisk/stamfiskproduksjon, kultivering, vannprøvetakning, ansvar for organisering og gjennomføring av forsøk og feltarbeid, ansvarshavende for dyreforsøk, utarbeiding av dyreforsøkssøknader, bearbeiding og rapportering av fiskedata. HMS og IKT, personalledelse, prosjektledelse, rapportering og statistikk, økonomi og budsjettering.
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