(cervids )

Erling Johan Solberg

Major research experience includes: Research in population ecology of cervids (moose, roe deer, red deer and reindeer), particularly related to management topics. Research in population dynamics of fragmented populations of house sparrows, in relation to current conservation biological problems.
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Torkild Tveraa

Populasjonsøkologi, demografi og livshistoriestrategi. Har hatt særlig fokus på koblingen mellom næringstilgang, klima og rovdyrtap hos rein.
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Olav Strand

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Vebjørn Veiberg

  • Bestandsøkologi hos hjortevilt (primært hjort og svalbardrein).
  • Bestandsovervåking av hjortevilt.
  • Studie av livshistoriestrategier hos store planteetere relatert til tannslitasje
  • Økologiske effekter av klimaendringer.
  • Effekter av menneskelig forstyrrelse på dyreliv

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Bård-Jørgen Bårdsen

  • Populasjonsdynamikk, demografi og livshistoriestrategier med særlig fokus på koblingen mellom næringstilgang, klima og reproduksjon hos rein.
  • Teoretisk biologi og økologisk metodikk med særlig fokus på bruk av eksperimenter, offentlige databaser, modeller og overvåkning.
  • Tverrfaglighet med fokus på koblingen mellom biologi (atferdsøkologi), samfunnsvitenskap (sosialantropologi) og kvantitative metoder.

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Christer Moe Rolandsen

Hjortevilt, Hjorteviltregisteret (www.hjorteviltregisteret.no), elg, bestandsovervåking, telemetri, populasjonsdynamikk, GIS, vilt og trafikk.
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Erlend Birkeland Nilsen

  • Populasjonsdynamikk
  • Demografi
  • Livshistorieteori
  • Trofisk interaksjoner
  • Predasjon
  • Høstingsteori
  • Hjortevilt
  • Rovdyr
  • Småvilt
  • Smågnagere
  • Statistisk modellering

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John Odden

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John Durrus Linnell

Ecology, behaviour, population dynamics and conservation of carnivores and wild ungulates. Conservation of species that cause conflicts with humans. Ecology – social science interdisciplinarity.
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Audun Stien

Ecologist interested in understanding the effect of climate and intra- and intersprcific interactions on demographic processes, population dynamics and biodiversity in natural systems. Numerate, with a strong background in the application of modern statistical methods in the analysis of complex data. Expertise in the use of statistical methods in combination with deterministic and stochastic mathematical models to understand ecological phenomena. Experienced with the planning and successful accomplishment of ecological research in arctic ecosystem.
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Manuela Panzacchi

movement ecology, spatial ecology, GPS data, habitat selection, ungulates, carnivores, human-wildlife conflicts, sustainable development, adaptive management, reindeer.

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Per Fauchald

  • Inter-disciplinary syntheses of socio-ecological systems
  • Quantitative analyses of complex and large datasets
  • Spatial statistical analyses
  • Ecosystem modeling
  • Theoretical and spatial ecology

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Bram Van Moorter

spatial ecology
animal space use and movement

- socio-ecological systems
- agent-based modeling
- adaptive management


In my research I aim to develop theory to support applied problems. As Kurt Lewin (social psychologist) famously said: "There is nothing as practical as a good theory."

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My past research has primarily focused on the study of animal space use and movements in relation to environmental heterogeneity. For this work I have combined formal theoretical developments with the analysis of large spatial data sets.

In my current work is an increasing emphasis on the explicit linkage of spatial ecological processes with human activities and the mitigation thereof to support ongoing ecosystem functioning. As part of the "Renewable Reindeer"-project, we are evaluating the effects of human infrastructures on habitat loss and fragmentation through graph-based connectivity measures.



In the adaptive management of human land use in protected areas.

I pursue further integration of ecological and societal dynamics in a Socio-Ecological Systems framework using approaches from Ecosystem Services and Environmental Psychology.

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Geir Rune Rauset

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Jørgen Rosvold

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Benno Nikolaus Dillinger

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