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John Odden

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John Durrus Linnell

Ecology, behaviour, population dynamics and conservation of carnivores and wild ungulates. Conservation of species that cause conflicts with humans. Ecology – social science interdisciplinarity.
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Torkild Tveraa

Populasjonsøkologi, demografi og livshistoriestrategi. Har hatt særlig fokus på koblingen mellom næringstilgang, klima og rovdyrtap hos rein.
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Arild Magne Landa

  • Conservation biology and monitoring of large northern terrestrial carnivores and ungulates.
  • Fragmented populations and carnivore predation on livestock.
  • Captive breeding and restoration (arctic fox)/conservation efforts.
  • Interrelationships carnivores/prey.
  • Radio telemetry on mammals.
  • Fieldwork in high Arctic/Alpine ecosystems.
  • Interpretation of scientific philosophy and research results in popular media.
  • Promotion of communications within the scientific community on national and international levels.
  • Leadership and administrative skills.
  • Experience in project planning and management.
  • Good fundraising skills.

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Ketil Skogen

Has done extensive research on land use conflicts in a socio-economic and socio-cultural perspective, cultural change in rural areas, and local resource management. Adept in qualitative as well as quantitative methods. Extensive popular dissemination.
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Olve Krange

Current research is on land use conflicts in a socio-economic and socio-cultural perspective, and cultural change in rural areas.
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Jenny Mattisson

Spatial and behavioural ecology, predator-prey interactions, human-wildlife conflicts
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Henrik Brøseth

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Øystein Flagstad

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Mari Tovmo

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Jonas Kindberg

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Ole-Gunnar Støen

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Geir Rune Rauset

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Craig Ryan Jackson

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Inger Maren Rivrud

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