Expertise and services

NINA’s expertise and services

NINA’s field of expertise is broad and includes the expertise of biologists, geographers, geneticists, social scientists, sociologists, statisticians, and others.

We have knowledge about species, nature types, public use of nature, and the relationships of the large drivers in nature.

Although the bulk of our work is conducted in the field, NINA has a number of modern laboratory facilities, including a large freshwater research facility, a genetics laboratory, laboratories suitable for autopsy and age determination of mammals and fish, as well as laboratories suitable for studies of invertebrates.

In recent years, NINA has invested considerable resources in the development of internet platforms suitable for the entry, storage, sharing and communication of data.

NINA’s activities encompass resource assessment and monitoring, development of methodologies, environmental impact assessments, community-based resource management, and analysis of natural, anthropogenic and socio-economic aspects of biodiversity and resource management. NINA’s staff offers provides comprehensive and up-to-date scientific expertise, and guarantees top-quality services in commissioned research and consultancy tasks.

Key areas of research 

  • Ecosystem services
  • Sustainable harvesting of fish and game stocks
  • Monitoring and analyses of time series concerned with changes in nature
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation
  • Environmental impact assessment related to landuse change
  • Nature restoration
  • Land use and landscape analyses
  • Mapping and monitoring biodiversity
  • Conflict studies related to natural resources
  • Recreational activities and traditional uses of nature