Research topic



Roald Vang

  • Databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, MS Access)
  • Web development (ASP.NET, jQuery, HTML5, DNN, Web services, m.m.) 
  • IIS
  • Bioinformatics/Research infrastructure
  • IT management

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Siw Elisabeth Berge

  • Webutvikling (ASP.NET, Javascript, HTML/CSS m.m)
  • Databaser
  • Web Services

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Øystein Solberg


  • Open source / Java
  • .Net / C#
  • PHP, HTML5, CSS and Javascript
  • Scrum


  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Operative systems

  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows

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Arne Johan Jensen

Salmonid ecology, life history, climate change, fish population management, many years of experience on effects of hydroelectric utilization and other encroachments in freshwater ecosystems
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Erlend Birkeland Nilsen

• Population dynamics • Demography • Life history theory • Trophic interactions • Predation • Harvesting • Ungulates • Carnivores • Small game • Small rodents • Statistical modeling
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Bård Pedersen

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Jens Åström

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Øyvind Hamre

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