John Durrus Linnell

Position:    Senior Research Scientist

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 Telephone: +47 900 12 533
 Department:Terrestrial biodiversity

Knowledge areas

Human-wildlife conflicts

Conservation biology

Sustainable use

Camera trapping


Key qualifications

Ecology, behaviour, population dynamics and conservation of carnivores and wild ungulates. Conservation of species that cause conflicts with humans. Ecology - social science interdisciplinarity.


1998-present: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) Project experience: 2005-2007: Large carnivores and human communities. An ecosystem orientated umbrella project for the Scandinavian bear, wolf and lynx projects together with social science components. 2003-2005: Large carnivores in northern landscapes: an interdisciplinary approach to their regional conservation. The project combines ecology and human-dimensions research components in the 3 Baltic States and Poland. Involves a total of 9 regional partners. 2002-2003: Scenarios for large carnivore management in Norway. Use of GIS and monitoring data to identify potential habitats for large carnivores in Scandinavia, and analyse geographic variation in conflict potential. 2001-2005: Predation in a landscape context. An umbrella project that conceptually unites the activities that NINA has on lynx, roe deer, wolf and moose. 2000-2003: Large carnivores and ungulates in space and time: biological and administrative perspectives on defining the spatial scale for management of interacting natural resources. Examines aspects of spatial scale relevant for management of ungulates and large. 1996-2004: Social organisation, dispersal, reproduction and predation behaviour of lynx in southern Norway, A part of the 2000-2004: Carnivores and society (Rovvilt og samfunn ROSA) project.

Worked in

India, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greenland