Frank Ole Hanssen

Position:    Senior Engineer IT

 Telephone: +47 959 24 423
 Department:Adm/IT development

Knowledge areas

International project management, innovation, GIS (geospatial analysis and modelling), digital cartography, remote sensing, siting/routing of renewable energy and power lines, scoping and conflict resolution, landscape ecology, landscape metrics, multi criteria analysis, scientific publishing, dissemination, development aid (capacity building within GIS and biodiversity informatics) and research infrastructure.

Key qualifications
  • Expertise: Cartography, GIS and remote sensing
  • Core competence: Tool development, spatial analysi, modelling and geoprocessing (ESRI ArcGIS og ENVI).
  • Administration: Coordination, user support, advisory, strategy work, Digital Norway
  • Research and assessment: Wind energy and wildlife, environmental design, spatial planning, termic, landscape metrics, landscape ecology, geomorphology, ecosystem services, green infrastructure
  • Project portfolio:
    • Bird-friendly design of power lines (BirdPOL)
    • Environmental design and siting of wind power plants and power-lines (ConSite, INTACT)
    • Spatial assessment of environment-economy trade-offs to reduce wind power conflicts (WindLand)
    • Prediction of high-risk areas for the invasive black-mouthed goby
    • Green Infrastructures and Ecosystem Services in urban spatial planning (IMAGINE)
    • LIDAR-based tree segmentation and tree canopy volume estimation (URBAN EEA)


1989-95 NTNU:

  • BSc in Biology, Geography, Cartography and environmental management
  • Master exam in geographical science theory
  • Master courses in GIS and remote sensing

1988-89: Compulsory Military Service in the Norwegian Army

1984-1988: High School



2006 - to dd: GIS Coordinator and Senior GIS Analyst in NINA (100 % permanent position)

2001 - 2005: GIS- Advisor for the County Governor in Sør- Trøndelag (100 % permanent position)

1999 - 2001: Staff Engineer at the Norwegian Mapping Authority (100 % permanent position)

1996 - 2000: Teacher in GIS and cartography at Narvik High-School (100 % temporary position)

1998 - 1988: Part- time Teacher in GIS at Narvik University College (part time temporary position)

1991 - 1995: Part- time Research assistant at Department of Geography, NTNU (part time temporary position)

Major project experience:

Topographical mapping (GEOVEKST), Norwegian Cadaster development, Spatial data management, Teaching, Coastal zonal planning (HASUT), Capacity building (IPBES), Research and GIS- tool/portal development (SISCAL, BIRDWIND, OPTIPOL, INTACT, PPS-Arctic, GISLINK, SEAPOP, Animal positions, FUNCITREE), Research Infrastructure development (LifeWatch, EUBON and LTER), Spatial modelling and GIS- analysis in general.

Managerial experience:

Coordination of NINAs GIS- activities:

  • National and international collaboration
  • Participating in Digital Norway
  • Advisory work, training and guidance of researchers
  • Strategic development
  • Technology development

General project management experience within R&D (GEOVEKST, BIRDWIND, OPTIPOL, INTACT):

  • International networking
  • International dissemination
  • Develop funding applications
  • Responsible for reporting
  • Coordination and project implementation
  • Managing the technical GIS development

Coordination of Norways participation in the european collaboration on research infrastructure development (ESFRI LifeWatch):

  • International networking
  • International dissemination
  • Develop funding applications
  • Responsible for reporting
  • Coordination of LifeWatch Norway pilot project
  • Coordination of LifeWatch Nordic pilot project
  • Participation in LifeWatch Europe pilot project
  • Observator in the LifeWatch ERIC stakeholder board

Coordination of Norways participation in the Long Term Ecological monitoring and Research network (LTER):

  • International networking
  • International dissemination
  • Develop funding applications
  • Responsible for reporting
  • Establishment and coordination of a national consortium
  • Applying for Norwegian membership in the international iLTER
  • Voting member in LTER Europe

Coordination of the Indo- Norwegian collaboration on capacity building in biodiversity informatics related to IPBES:

  • International collaboration, establishment and coordination of the project consortium (India, South-Afrika, Denmark and Norway)
  • Colllaboration with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
  • International dissemination
  • Develop funding applications
  • Responsible for reporting

General advisory and supervising experience from current and previous positions (including supervising and examination of Master students)

Teaching experience from high school/university level

Squad leader experience from the Norwegian Army (Corporal degree)


Technical training:

GIS and remote sensing courses at ESRI, Geodata, Excelis, Avinet, TerraNor, NTNU and the Norwegian Mapping Authority (ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, ENVI, ERDAS, QGIS, Grass, Saga, Adaptive web-client, Mapserver, PostGIS, FYSAK, Gemini, PumaTech, Standardization (SOSI, ISO, INSPIRE)

Other training:

Data paper workshop (GBIF Norway and GBIF Belgium).

Course in the Companies Act for Board Members (Styreforeningen)

Preparations for Sentinel 2 in Europe (Norwegian Space Agency)

How to write a competitive project proposal to H2020 (Norwegian Research Council)

EU Learning programme on Realising and managing International Research Infrastructures (RAMIRI)

NordForsk Research Training Course "Modelling Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurence"

Summer school in Cartography at Helsinki University of Technology

Language courses (Russian) at the Adult Education Association

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver

  • Norwegian (native proficiency)
  • English (professional working proficiency)
  • German (limited working proficiency)
  • Russian (elementary proficiency)

Worked in

The Nordic countries, Lithuania, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, India and Chile.

Conference contributions


  • Presentations at the Norwegian Embassy in India, New Delhi, India
  • Presentation at the LifeWatch Europe Stakeholder Board meeting, Crete, Greece
  • Presentation at the Laboratory of Avian Ecology, Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Presentation at the Wind Energy seminar «Blowin in the wind", Oslo, Norway
  • Presentation at the Center for Environmental Design of Renewable energy (CEDREN), Trondheim, Norway


  • Stand at the UN Conference of Biodiversity, Trondheim, Norway
  • Presentation at the Geospatial world forum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Presentation at the Center for Environmental Design of Renewable energy (CEDREN), Trondheim, Norway
  • Presentation at the Statoil Headquarter, Oslo, Norway
  • Presentation at the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT), Kiruna, Sweden
  • Presentation at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference, NordForsk, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Presentation at the European ESRI Conference, Oslo
  • Presentation/poster at the Symposium on Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Presentation/poster at the Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), Porto, Portugal
  • Poster at the IPY 2012 Conference: From knowledge to action", Montréal, Canada
  • Presentation at the Center for Environmental Design of Renewable energy (CEDREN), Trondheim, Norway


  • Presentation at the India International Center in New Dehli and Wildlife Institute of India in Dehradun, India
  • 3 Posters presented at the Conference on wind energy and wildlife impacts, Trondheim, Norway
  • Presentation at CEDREN, Trondheim, Norway


  • Presentation at the Bureau Waardenburg in Coulemburg, Coulembourg, The Netherlands
  • Poster at the conference : Renewable energy 2010, Yokohama, Japan
  • Presentation at the Center for Environmental Design of Renewable energy (CEDREN), Trondheim, Norway
  • Presentation at the Asplan Viak Internet user Forum, Trondheim, Norway


  • Presentation på Nasjonal Open Source GIS Conference, Oslo, Norway


  • Presentation at the European Commission, Environment Directorate-General in Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Presentation at the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) in Paris, France.


  • Presentation at Informus GMBH in Berlin, Deutschland

Professional societies

2015-d.d.: Deputy board member (staff representative) in the Norwegian institute for Nature Research (NINA)

2001-2005: Local representative at the County Governor Office for the Norwegian Association of Social Scientists

1997-1999: Local representative at the Narvik High-School for the Union of Education Norway