Employee info

Børge Moe

Position:    Senior Research Scientist

 Telephone: +47 988 11 620
 E-mail: borge.moe@nina.no
 Department:Terrestrial ecology

Key qualifications

Seabird ecology, arctic biology, ecotoxicology and ecophysiology. Moe is working with questions related to tracking of migration and distributions, energetics, stress, pollutants, life history and climate. Study species: kittiwake, common eider, arctic skua, long-tailed skua, glaucous gull, little auk, lesser black-backed gull, common guillemot, atlantic puffin, European shag, northern fulmar, herring gull, common gull, snow petrel, waders and some terrestrial bird species. Moe cooperates with many scientists from other national and international research institutes.


Curriculum Vitae:
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