Research topic


Kjetil Bevanger

• Behavioural and population ecology of mammals and birds • Terrestrial ecology; issues on population and habitat ecology and community structure. Major practical experiences cover a variety of bird and mammal census techniques (and invertebrate sampling) in several habitat types and ecosystems • Behavioural ecology of Norwegian game species and assessment of mortality and population impacts caused by e.g. game bird collisions with air wires and fences, wind turbines, hunting, predation, and issues relating to sustainable harvest of game populations in general • Biodiversity issues on mortality factors of red listed species and ecological impacts of exotic species • Urban and landscape ecology; restoration ecology and issues on habitat fragmentation and biodiversity preservation • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) – in particular related to bird and mammal communities following hydropower development in Norway, Africa and Asia • Professional assessments of conservation value and status of rivers and landscapes, developing and using ornithological and other conservation criteria • Extensive experience from working in Third World Countries, in particular East Africa; EIAs and project assessments for NORAD and international consultancy companies

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