Research topic

Sea trout

Bengt Finstad

Ecophysiology, aquaculture, smoltproduction/releases of fish, pollution and other human impacts, salmonids in sea, fish diseases-parasites, biotelemetry.

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Morten Andre Bergan

Ferskvannsøkologi i rennende vann. Laksefisk og bunndyr.

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Gunnbjørn Bremset

- Riverine production of anadromous salmonids

- Competition and habitat use of juvenile salmonids

- Negative impacts on fish communities

- Mitigation measures for freshwater fish

- Gyrodactylus salaris - effects and mitigation measures

- Direct observations of riverine fish

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Kjetil Hindar

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Arne Johan Jensen

Salmonid ecology, life history, climate change, fish population management, many years of experience on effects of hydroelectric utilization and other encroachments in freshwater ecosystems

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