Research topic

Benthic fauna

Kari Elsa Ellingsen

The main part of my research activities is focused on biodiversity, its measurement, patterns and drivers, such as top predators and different types of human impact and climate change. The research done involves the use of large-scale and/or long-term datasets already collected in scientific surveys or environmental monitoring surveys. I have studied marine biodiversity patterns in different parts of the world in shallow waters, on the continental shelf and in the deep sea using data on benthos and fish communities. Currently I am also focusing on terrestrial biodiversity studies. The work implies a large number of collaborations with scientists from Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Russia and China. With regard to the measurement of biodiversity, I have focused on beta diversity, patterns of rare and common species and, in general, on the use of multivariate analyses.

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Morten Falkegård

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Thomas Correll Jensen

Freshwater ecology, freshwater invertebrates, zooplankton, growth and respiration of zooplankton, arctic ecology, freshwater monitoring, Water Framework Directive, biological indicators, invasive species,

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Ann Kristin Schartau

Major practical experiences cover project management concerning research and monitoring in freshwater (rivers and lakes) and in marine environments (estuarine and coastal waters). Specialization on freshwater biodiversity and water quality. Project leader for several national projects on implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive in Norway: Design of a National Monitoring Network for Reference Sites, Design of a National Network for Surveillance monitoring in freshwaters, Evaluation of methods for monitoring and assessment of freshwaters c.f. the WFD. Experience from international work on standardization of biological methods, and different aspects related to the implementation of the ECC’s Water Framework Directive.

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Morten Andre Bergan

Ferskvannsøkologi i rennende vann. Laksefisk og bunndyr.

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Bjørn Walseng

Senior Technician Field of work: Freshwater ecology, freshwater invertebrates (especially crustaceans), biodiversity, conservation plans, pollution ecology, environmental monitoring, enviromental impact assessments.

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