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John Atle Kålås

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Torgeir Nygård

Environmental pollution, bioaccumulation and effects, especially in birds (seabirds and birds of prey), Seabirds and waterfowl distribution and ecology, Birds of prey studies; (Sea-Eagle population dynamics and dispersal, goshawk and forestry, environmental pollution, ecotoxicology, population dynamics, relation with habitats and prey, impact of windfarms) Environmental impact assessments, satellite telemetry, Database management.

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Karl-Otto Jacobsen

Birds of prey and owls. Monitoring and mapping of terrestrial birds. Biological diversity surveys. Seabird monitoring and surveys. Nature and wildlife management. Impact assessments and risk analysis for the petroleum industry, road projects, wind turbines, other installations.

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Børge Moe

Seabird ecology, arctic biology, ecotoxicology and ecophysiology. Moe is working with questions related to tracking of migration and distributions, energetics, stress, pollutants, life history and climate. Study species: kittiwake, common eider, arctic skua, long-tailed skua, glaucous gull, little auk, lesser black-backed gull, common guillemot, atlantic puffin, European shag, northern fulmar, herring gull, common gull, snow petrel, waders and some terrestrial bird species. Moe cooperates with many scientists from other national and international research institutes.

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Signe Christensen-Dalsgaard

  • Studier av bevegelse og dykkadferd i hekkesesong
  • Arealbruk og konflikter
  • Kartlegging bifangst av sjøfugl
  • Kartlegging og overvåking av sjøfugl

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Geir Helge Systad

Northern ecosystems, adaptive management, environmental risk, sensitivity and impact assessments. Seabird distribution and population ecology.

Geographical analysis and presentations (GIS). Remote analysis (radio, gls and satellite transmitters; analysis of satellite images).

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Svein-Håkon Lorentsen

  • Økolog med hovedvekt på studier av sjøfugl og sel i marine og polare miljøer.
  • Hovedfokus på studier av populasjonsbiologi, demografi og reproduksjonsbiologi, diett, næringsøksøkologi, atferd og migrasjoner vha. dataloggere (GPS, GLS, TDR og satelittelemetri)
  • Erfaring fra feltarbeid under til dels krevende forhold (Antarktis, norskekysten til forskjellige årstider).
  • Miljøutredninger, konsekvensanalyser bl.a. relatert til sjøfugl og offshore petroleumsvirksomhet, effekter av taretråling, forstyrrelse på sjøfugl og høsting
  • Faglig veileder for en rekke hovedfagsstudenter og sensor ved universitet.
  • Administrativ leder for Det nasjonale overvåkingsprogrammet for sjøfugl
  • Administrativ erfaring både i forbindelse med ledelse av prosjekter og som NK for avdeling for terrestrisk økoogi i NINA gjennom to år.
  • Stor erfaring i oppbygging av databaser

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Tone Kristin Reiertsen

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Per Fauchald

  • Inter-disciplinary syntheses of socio-ecological systems
  • Quantitative analyses of complex and large datasets
  • Spatial statistical analyses
  • Ecosystem modeling
  • Theoretical and spatial ecology

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Kjell Einar Erikstad

My main research activity has been in population ecology, lifehistory adaptions and genetical structures of populations. Research has focused on ecological theory and includes a variety of animals (especially birds) both in terrestrial and marine environment. Most studies have been carried out in arctic and subarctic areas and I have also been involved in population studies on birds in the Antarctic. During recent years I have also studied the relationships between organochlorine contaminations and its effect on life history traits in Glaucous Gulls in the arctic.
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Jan Ove Bustnes

Practical experience covers studies in population studies of waterfowl and seabirds. Involvement in seabird research programmes (monitoring colonies and studies on seabirds at sea), and impact assessment in connection with seabird and oil drilling. I also have some experience in entomological research (ecology and systematics). Ecotoxicology been a central working field in the recent years.

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Bård Gunnar Stokke

Evolutionary biology, behavioral ecology, conservation biology and ornithology (birds). Stokke is working with questions related to renewable energy, alien species, recreational activities in protected areas and adaptations in Arctic passerines

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Tycho Anker-Nilssen

  • Population biologists with expertise in seabird ecology, including
  • Time-series studies of demography, feeding ecology, trophic interactions and other climate-related responses of seabirds since 1981.
  • National mapping and monitoring of seabird distribution and population trends.
  • Studies of seabird movements (using satellite transmitters and loggers), morphometry and population origin.
  • Environmental impact assessments and vulnerability modelling, e.g. related to seabirds and offshore oil exploration.
  • Well experienced with respect to electronic data processing and statistical analyses.
  • Scientific supervisor for a number of MSc students and some experience as a university lecturer and examiner.
  • Long experience in administration and science managing at the project, programme and department levels, and administrative head of NINA's field station in Røst.

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Brett K. Sandercock

Arctic, demography, harvest, migratory birds, ptarmigan, sensitive species, small game and wildlife.

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Arne Follestad

Population ecology, behavioural ecology, monitoring (time-series), coastal ecology. Geese, seabirds. Environmental impact analysis. During recent years, major assignments have included ecological studies on population dyna-mics and management actions (hunting regimes, agricultural conflicts between farmers and geese) related to the Greylag Geese and other geese, and environmental effects of large wind-mill farms planned along the Norwegian coast. Major experience also covers seabird studies connected to their breeding biology, mapping of seabird distribution inshore and at open sea, by-catch of seabirds in fish nets, consumption of discards from fisheries (EU-project), environ-mental impact analysis of offshore petroleum activities, and oil spill contingency planning.
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