Environmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean
5. July 2018

More than 7500 oil and gas platforms and wind turbines will become obsolete in the next few decades. Full removal may not be the best plan after all, according to new survey of international experts.

Standardization and facilitation of seabird data for use in impact and environmental risk assessments
2. July 2018

NINA Annual Report 2017
27. June 2018

NINA’s key statistics and activities throughout 2017. 

Mass mortality events of seabirds can have massive effects on populations
2. May 2018

Most seabirds have a long life span, delayed maturity andspread their reproduction across many years. This life history pattern makes seabird populations particularly sensitive to decreases in adult survival rates. Mass mortality events can there

Doctoral defence: seabirds and offshore windpower
2. March 2018

Signe Christensen-Dalsgaard defends her academic thesis as part of the doctoral work at the Norwegian University of Science (NTNU): Drivers of seabird spatial ecology – implications for development of offshore wind-power in Norway

Unusual evolutionary development in Leach’s storm petrels
28. February 2018

The genetic relationships between different populations of what was formerly known to belong to the species Leach’s storm petrel have been complicated for a long time. Researchers have now compared DNA from nearly 300 different individu

Flexibility in the foraging behaviour of the kittiwake may buffer the effect of marine environmental changes
30. January 2018

Recent Norwegian research shows that the black-legged kittiwake is surprisingly flexible when it comes to finding food for itself and its chicks. The ability to adapt makes this small gull robust to changes in the marine environment – t

Elephants in Namibia more stressed outside the national park
25. January 2018

The stress levels in elephants living in the areas outside Etosha National Park is higher than in elephants living inside the park. This is revealed in a study where researchers from NINA and NTNU measured the levels of stress hormones in elephan

Impacts of salmon lice on wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout
10. January 2018

New report concludes: Considerable evidence exists that there is a link between farm-intensive areas and the spread of salmon lice to wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout. 

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