Frode Ødegaard

  • Very good knowledge of taxonomy and ecology of European beetles (Coleoptera), wasps (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) and true bugs (Heteroptera).
  • Good knowledge of Coleoptera and Hymenoptera (Aculeata) and Heteroptera of the neotropical and australian region.
  • Long experience with assessments and classification of threats and endangered spe-cies for Red Data Lists.
  • Monitoring and mapping of biological diversity
  • Alien species
  • DNA-barcoding
  • International and national experience in experimental research on several aspects of entomology.
  • Broad experience with applied research projects for nature management, private and public employers.
  • Several national and international collaboration partners

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Anders Endrestøl

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Oddvar Hanssen

Entomologi (Coleoptera, Chironomidae): identifikasjon/taxonomi, laboratorie- og felt-arbeid/metodikk, faunainventeringer, bevaringsbiologi (rød-data-problematikk) Genetikk: laboratorie-arbeid (bl.a. DNA isolasjon) Ferskvannszoologi/økologi: felt-og laboratorie-arbeid
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