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Seabirds reveal mercury distribution across the North Atlantic
31. May 2024

Groundbreaking study uses seabirds as indicators of mercury presence through the North-Atlantic Arctic. Results of grave importance for Arctic communities as concentrations increase from the Barents Sea to the East coast of Canada.

Towards a common approach to assess nature's contribution to tourism
28. May 2024

Researchers present a novel overview of ecosystem services assessment approaches related to nature-based tourism, with specific focus on monetary valuation methods. An important contribution towards development of harmonized methodologies, and uptake of ecosystem services information in planning and development processes. 

Revitalizing Slovak Peatlands
23. May 2024

Although peatlands are mostly found in northern Europe, there are also remnants to be found in Slovakia, where the ECORESP-project recently has restored 12 peatlands.

Endangered Arctic fox birth caught on camera
23. May 2024

For the first time, NINA researchers have recorded an Arctic fox giving birth. Now both they and you can follow the pups live via webcam from the Arctic fox breeding station in Oppdal, Norway.

Silent birdcliffs
7. May 2024

In only four decades more than 80% of kittiwakes breeding on the coast of the Norwegian mainland have disappeared. More than 60% of all seabird species in Norway are now endangered. In this photographic journey through shifting baselines we clearly see the dramatic changes

Mild winters - bad news for Norway's insects
2. May 2024

The biomass of insects in Norway has decreased over the last four years. Weather has had an impact on insects who prefer cold and snow rich winters to thrive.

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