Research topic

Farmed salmon

Tor Fredrik Næsje

  • Major practical experience in planning and carrying out research projects, in particular projects related to freshwater ecosystems and axploitation
  • Many years of advisory experience to national, regional and local authorities concerning managment and utilisation of inland fish resources
  • Many years of experience in consequence analysis of encroachment in reivers and lakes, in particular hydroelectric power plants
  • Experience from developing countries performing feasibility studies on fisheries and hydroelectric power plants, and as advisor to authorities

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Kjetil Hindar

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Bengt Finstad

Ecophysiology, aquaculture, smoltproduction/releases of fish, pollution and other human impacts, salmonids in sea, fish diseases-parasites, biotelemetry.

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Gunnel Marie Østborg

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Peder Fiske

Behavioural Ecology, Sexual selection, Statistical analysis, Salmon biology

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Eva Marita Ulvan

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Sten Ola Karlsson

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