Research topic


Per Fauchald

  • Inter-disciplinary syntheses of socio-ecological systems
  • Quantitative analyses of complex and large datasets
  • Spatial statistical analyses
  • Ecosystem modeling
  • Theoretical and spatial ecology

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Kari Elsa Ellingsen

The main part of my research activities is focused on biodiversity, its measurement, patterns and drivers, such as top predators and different types of human impact and climate change. The research done involves the use of large-scale and/or long-term datasets already collected in scientific surveys or environmental monitoring surveys. I have studied marine biodiversity patterns in different parts of the world in shallow waters, on the continental shelf and in the deep sea using data on benthos and fish communities. Currently I am also focusing on terrestrial biodiversity studies. The work implies a large number of collaborations with scientists from Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Russia and China. With regard to the measurement of biodiversity, I have focused on beta diversity, patterns of rare and common species and, in general, on the use of multivariate analyses.

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Ditte Katrine Hendrichsen

Population biology, ecological modelling, climate change, Arctic ecology, statistical modelling, trophic interactions, spatial statistics, life history, demography

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Karl Øystein Gjelland

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Kjetil Hindar

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Kjetil Olstad

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Stein Ivar Johnsen

Aquatic ecology (crayfish biology and management, fish biology and management, human impact on aquatic systems)

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Martin Arne Svenning

Hoveddelen av aktiviteten er relatert til økologi og livshistorie hos resident og anandrom laksefisk, og knyttet nært opp mot forvaltning. God felterfaring, spesielt i arktiske strøk (Svalbard, Nord-Norge og Nord-Vest Russland). Forskningsaktiviteten involverer en kombinasjon av feltinnsamling, bearbeiding i laboratorium og teoretiske/statistiske analyser.
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Eli Kvingedal

• Evolutionary ecology • Population ecology • Salmonid biology

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Trygve H. Hesthagen

My profession is in freshwater biology, mainly in fish research. I have major experience in planning different biological projects concerning fish stock assessment, conducting field work in rivers and lakes, and writing reports and scientific papers
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Ingebrigt Uglem

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Elisabet Forsgren

  • Animal behaviour, reproduction and evolution
  • Risk assessment of alien species (fish)
  • Effects of climate change and ocean acidification
  • Experimental design
  • Aquarium experiments and field investigations in coastal marine areas
  • Project leadership
  • Student supervision and teaching
  • Quality management

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Peder Fiske

Behavioural Ecology, Sexual selection, Statistical analysis, Salmon biology

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Ingeborg Palm Helland

Ecological effects of hydropower, Ecology of freshwater fish, Competitive interactions, Climate change, Winter ecology, Ecological mechanisms of speciation, Ecological modelling, EU Water Framework Directive, Sea lice

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Øyvind Solem

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Anders Foldvik

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Tor Atle Mo

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