Research topic

Inland fish

Trygve H. Hesthagen

My profession is in freshwater biology, mainly in fish research. I have major experience in planning different biological projects concerning fish stock assessment, conducting field work in rivers and lakes, and writing reports and scientific papers
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Jon Museth

Inland fish species, complex fish fauna, environmental impact assessmenst, hydropower development in rivers, mitigation and restoration measures in regulated rivers, ecological connectivity, ecological and social effects of floods and flood defences, alien species,

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Stein Ivar Johnsen

Aquatic ecology (crayfish biology and management, fish biology and management, human impact on aquatic systems)

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Kristian Pettersen

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Randi J. Saksgård

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Ola Ugedal

Aquatic radioecology, population ecology, life history, ecological modelling, fisheries management.

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Knut Aanestad Bergesen

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Ingeborg Palm Helland

Ecological effects of hydropower, Ecology of freshwater fish, Competitive interactions, Climate change, Winter ecology, Ecological mechanisms of speciation, Ecological modelling, EU Water Framework Directive, Sea lice

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Antti Eloranta

Research experince in aquatic ecology, particularly of fish and food webs in subarctic lakes and ecological impacts of water level regulation in hydropower reservoirs. Experience in collecting, preparing and analysing data for stable isotope analyses.

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