Renewable Reindeer

Revising and re-structuring the Renewable Energy system in Norway while preserving long-term wild reindeer habitat functionality. 2015-20

Norway hosts the last populations of wild mountain reindeer, and has international responsibility to preserve them. However, in those same mountain areas Norway also hosts a large number of hydroelectric plants that - along with roads and other infrastructures - often represent barriers to reindeer migrations. Most licenses for the hydropower stations are currently being revised, with the aim to reduce their environmental impact. RenewableReindeer brings together ecologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, social scientists, technicians and local communities and stakeholders to finding ways to mitigate the impact of the network of infrastructures associated to the renewable energy systems while preserving reindeer habitat. Read extended summary

Photo © NINA

Photo © NINA

Peer-reviewed publications:

Conference lectures and popular publications:

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